Get Lasting Relief From TMJ Pain With Laser Treatment

Lasers may sound like something from the future, but they have become an important part of dentistry. Dr. Ayoubi introduced them in 2021 and hasn’t looked back. For TMJ disorders, lasers alleviate the pain in your joints and relax your muscles. Best of all, you won’t feel a thing during or after treatment. Lasers are safe and gentle for patients.

You can expect benefits from the outcomes of this treatment:

  • Improved Blood Flow – The laser stimulates your cells and encourages blood flow. This helps build up damaged joints and muscles in your jaw.
  • Reduced Inflammation – The laser treatment eliminates damaged cells to stop the inflammation causing the TMJ disorder. It also releases anti-inflammatories necessary to heal your jaw.
  • Long-Term Benefits – Unlike other treatments that may only provide temporary relief, our laser therapy offers long-lasting healing.

Dr. Ayoubi may also recommend a custom mouthguard to protect your mouth from the damage of teeth grinding while you pursue laser therapy.

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