Your Child Will Love Our Dental Team

When you are choosing a dentist for your child, you want to find one who gives them a sense of familiarity and comfort. We welcome patients of all ages, starting as young as 2 years old. Your little one will love meeting with a dentist that their whole family sees. We start with easy first visits, so your child can become familiar with us. Then we’ll move onto more traditional checkups. They’ll also love being able to watch Netflix on our TVs! It keeps them happily distracted while we work.

If your child struggles with a tongue-tie or lip-tie, we can help with this as well. We use a safe and gentle laser to release the tissue that restricts the movement. The laser will:

  • Make the procedure go smoothly, with less pain and discomfort
  • Allow your child to heal faster and begin feeding right away
  • Reduce their risk for post-operative infection
  • Avoid the use of incisions or stitching, which means little if any bleeding

Find Trustworthy Treatment for Your Family’s Dental Needs

We don’t just treat children, of course! Your entire family will find services to improve, protect, and repair their smile. For your comfort and convenience, we use laser treatments for many other services such as:

  • Eliminating infection in your gums
  • Treating cavities, cold sores, or other minor mouth and gum irritations
  • Extracting your tooth safely when necessary to protect your oral health
  • Improving the appearance of your smile, including smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing the pain of TMJ disorders and providing long-term improvement
  • Improving your sleep quality by making it easier to breathe throughout the night

You and your loved ones will benefit from visiting a modern family dentist in Herndon. Call 888-907-2535 for an appointment. Or schedule online.