Revive Your Oral Health With Our Many Restorative Treatments

One of the reasons patients love coming to see Allure Dental is Dr. Ayoubi’s use of the latest dental technology. For example, our CEREC® system creates crowns in a single appointment. We use it for about 60 percent of our restorations. We also use a laser for services such as fillings and root canals. It repairs teeth more quickly and comfortably and encourages faster healing.

Depending on your reason to come see us, we may recommend:

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings – If you have a cavity, we’ll use a laser to prepare your tooth for a filling. Less of your healthy dental structure is removed, and it’s more comfortable for you. We’ll then fill your tooth with an amalgam-free, composite material.
  • Root Canal – A root canal is less scary than it sounds with our laser. It allows us to eliminate the diseased part of your tooth, while keeping as much of your tooth’s healthy portion as possible. It’s more comfortable for you too!
  • Dental Crowns – For severely damaged or decayed teeth, we’ll restore the tooth with a dental crown. We can use CEREC technology to create the restoration, so you don’t have to come back for a second visit or wear a temporary crown.
  • Inlays or Onlays –  We may use inlays or onlays, depending on how much of your tooth needs repair. We always want to maintain as much of your healthy tooth as possible.
  • Dental Bridge – If you have one or more missing teeth, we’ll create a dental bridge with e.max, zirconia, or gold to give you a complete smile. We can also pair your bridge with dental implants for improved stability.
  • Dentures – We can fill gaps in an arch of teeth or replace an entire arch with dentures. They can be paired with implants for a more natural feel and function.

There’s no need to feel anxious about your restorative treatments. We go the extra mile to help you relax. You can use headphones to watch Netflix on our TVs. This helps block out the sights and sounds of our equipment. We also have sedation through laughing gas to take the edge off your nerves.

Don’t look any further for your restorative dentist in Herndon. Call 888-907-2535 for an appointment. Or schedule online.