Rest Easy Thanks to Our Sleep Apnea Treatment

More than just an annoying problem, sleep apnea can increase your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. You are also vulnerable to depression and mood swings because you don’t get the quality sleep you need. That’s why Dr. Ayoubi checks for sleep apnea at every appointment. If you report symptoms and haven’t had a screening, she’ll refer you to a sleep specialist who can diagnosis your apnea.

Once your sleep disorder has been confirmed, she may recommend:

  • Sleep Guard – Unlike a CPAP machine, a custom sleep appliance doesn’t require you to plug anything in. It won’t feel or look awkward when you wear it. It looks similar to a clear mouthguard and gently shifts your lower jaw forward. This prevents the soft tissues in your throat from closing so you can sleep through the night.
  • Laser Treatments – This treatment focuses more on eliminating your snoring problems. Using a gentle laser called NightLase®, we will tighten the soft tissues in your throat to give you relief.

We’d love to help with your sleep apnea in Herndon. Call 888-907-2535 today. You can also schedule online.