BioClear Black Triangle Closure

Black triangles along the gum line are among the most common complaints people have about their miles as they get older. As you age, the gums recede, exposing the taper of your teeth from the contact point to the gum line. This creates a triangle of negative space, which looks black when you smile. Ensuring healthy, full gums is the best way to avoid black triangles. BioClear provides a new technique for closing black triangles and is also a great technique for treating other cosmetic complaints. An exciting new advance in cosmetic dentistry, BioClear is growing dramatically in popularity because it’s attractive, durable, and inexpensive. Dr. Ayoubi is certified in this cutting edge cosmetic technique.

BioClear is a unique, flowable composite that can pour around your teeth, closing black triangles and reshaping your teeth to create an attractive smile. Bioclear matrices and the Bioclear method is a minimally invasive, strong and natural looking restoration to enhance and strengthen worn, broken and unsightly teeth. It is not bonding even though they both use composite. Bioclear uses specially designed clear matrices and warm injection molding technique that makes it monolithic and not layered. Monolithic means it is three times stronger than bonding and nearly as strong as porcelain veneers. The cost is less than porcelain veneers and about 25% more than conventional bonding. Bioclear restorations are indicated for dark triangles, chipped or worn teeth and rejuvenation of the edges of front teeth. All is of this is done with no or minimal damage your tooth structure.

Ask Dr. Ayoubi if BioClear is a good option to aid in rejuvenating your smile! To learn whether BioClear is right for you, please call our office today!