Dr. Ayoubi is happy to offer our patients PROPEL Orthodontics, an exciting technology that stimulates bone remodeling to help the teeth move faster! This innovative procedure, used for patients with braces or Invisalign, is a safe and easy treatment that decreases treatment time up to 50-60%.

Dr. Ayoubi uses a special hand-held device to create tiny dimples in certain areas around your teeth. These perforations stimulate your body’s natural response to help teeth move faster into their ideal position. Each treatment session is quick with little discomfort with zero recovery time. Patients can resume normal activity immediately!

The PROPEL system is FDA registered and is gaining wide popularity in many offices across the United States. Patients can now achieve that beautiful smile they’ve always dreamed of faster, more effectively and efficiently.


VPro5 is an innovative orthodontic device that uses high-frequency vibrations to complement your clear aligner therapy. The product is used in conjuction with your doctors aligner treatment plan and clear aligner therapy ( ie.Invisalign.)  VPro5 is used for only 5 minutes per day, and vibrates gently to help ensure that aligners are fully engaged with secure and proper seating. The gentle precise vibrations allow for fully engaged aligners and provides quicker and more predictable tooth alignment, creating a more comfortable treatment over all. The device can be used alone or in conjunction with PROPEL.